Veg against waste!

Veg against waste!

With an awareness of the environmental impact and the ethical issues engendered by food waste, Bruxelles Environnement is mounting a pro-active communication campaign using a range of different tools. From advice on how to reduce waste to a calendar of local produce and including recipes which favour sustainable food use, IBGE has masses of information for you! ©BruxellesEnvironnement-IBGE

• When and how should we shop for food? What is the difference between “recommended use before…” and “use by…”? What products should we buy? Find all the hints and tips from IBGE on combating waste in the brochure “Eat well, bin less” (FR) and in the practical leaflet that can be displayed in the kitchen (FR).

• IBGE’s anti-waste campaign in images? View the various videos here.

• How do you select seasonal food? Which fruit and vegetables are local? Bruxelles Environnement has produced a practical calendar of seasonal fruit and vegetables (FR).

• Do you need ideas for cooking with locally grown fruit and vegetables? Use the free smartphone application “Recettes4Saisons”! (more info on this version). ©BruxellesEnvironnement-IBGE

• What should we do with leftover food? How can we limit waste from meals and parties during the festive season? How can we give pride of place to local produce? How much meat should we eat? Bruxelles Environnement has written a series of sheets on sustainable food use packed with advice and tasty recipes.

• For consumers concerned with respect for the environment, IBGE has also published a brochure on Food and the environment (FR) and a Guide to sustainable food use (FR). ©BruxellesEnvironnement-IBGE

• Want more information on preventing waste, on food and the environment? Bruxelles Environnement has devoted several pages of its website to this subject!

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