Packaging goes green

Packaging goes green

In Belgium, 21 billion single-use household packaging units are consumed each year. Plastic, cellophane, paper, cardboard… The volume of these wastes is steadily growing, which contributes to both environmental pollution and to the contamination of our foods. But let´s be realistic: packaging is more necessary than ever for our day-to-day lives. It protects the product, limits food waste, facilitates transport and provides information for the consumers. Fost Plus and Gondola (Belgian platform for consumption-related producers and distributors) therefore decided to reward those who are doing everything in their power to turn our packages into genuine inventive gems, reducing their environmental footprint and that of the contents they protect. The prize? A Greener Packaging Award !

A prize that enwraps more than one

This year, over fifty SMEs and other large companies submitted their household packaging to the judgement of a jury of experts. What’s the objective of such an award? To serve as a source of inspiration and innovation for all sectors that use packaging, and to highlight the efforts that an industry is making with regard to packaging in order to reconcile business and environmental protection. But what are the criteria by which the SMEs and the large companies are judged? The three main categories are:

• reduction of the weight and volume of the package: a modification of the package entails a reduction of its weight and volume while respecting the functional unity of the product;

• origin of the material (recycled, renewable, certified, etc.): the origin of the material was modified for an ecological purpose;

• end of life of the package (recyclability and reutilisation): an improvement of the package optimises its end of life by making it recyclable or reusable.

A look at the lucky winners in 2012

On Tuesday, November 20th, five companies were presented with the Greener Packaging Awards. The prizes were awarded by Fost Plus in collaboration with the Gondola platform, the federations COMEOS, FEVIA, DETIC and the three Regions. The first prize for “Weight/volume reduction” was won by Delhaize and Jules Destrooper. The use of materials deriving from renewable resources permitted Ecover and Danone to be elected in the category “Origin of materials”. And finally, thanks to a package that is 100 % recyclable, it is the SME Ethiquable which won in the “End of life” section. Our congratulations once again to each of them! To learn more about this project, the jury and the participants: download the brochure of the Greener Packaging Award .

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