Packaging and waste

Packaging and waste

Packaging and waste: Fost Plus evaluates the situation

In the fight to protect the environment and reduce waste, packaging of food products certainly has a role to play. This is what Fost Plus seeks to highlight in the framework of the GreenCook project through various actions and publications.

Packstory: a thought-provoking exhibition

Fost Plus has created a travelling exhibition dedicated to packaging. It presents the history, the development, the various uses and the social role of packaging in a playful, visual and interactive manner that appeals to all the senses. At the heart of this exhibition? Food waste and its link with packaging. Visitors to the exhibition will also find very interesting information about intelligent packaging, prevention, recycling and biomimetic packaging.

To find out more about this exhibition, contact Fost Plus or view the virtual representation at

Comprehensive and relevant reports

Fost Plus has also published reports on subjects combining prevention, packaging and waste of food. Objective: to draw the attention of companies to the importance of making good choices of packaging according to the products to package and their consumption needs. Following recent societal changes, individual packaging is increasingly favoured. Re-sealable packages and dosage systems are also gaining in popularity. What do they bring? Less waste and better conservation of perishable foods. A result that is perfectly in line with the GreenCook project!

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