Make way for the anti-waste day!

Make way for the anti-waste day!

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What could be better than sampling a recipe based on leftovers in the company of work mates? It was as part of the European Waste Reduction Week that Bruxelles Environnement decided to get stuck in with a couple of joint initiatives: a jumble sale and a free tasting laid on by volunteer cooks. The aim? A sociable way of raising awareness about food waste among work colleagues. The concept?

• Collect as much as possible of food that is still too often thrown away;

• prepare the salvaged food;

• serve the results at a staff tasting;

• exchange handy tips and recipe ideas to inspire colleagues to do the same.

A project with multiple aims

The action consists of salvaging and cooking food that is still edible but was destined to be thrown away. So much more than a tasting, this project was also an opportunity to internally distribute the tools developed within GreenCook (brochures, flexible pan scrapers…).

The delicious sample dishes were served in a room specially laid out for the occasion. In addition, numerous stands were set up for the Bruxelles Environnement annual jumble sale. The aim of the day? To encourage the re-use of things and food, recycling and reducing waste production.

A marvellous initiative which proves that the administration doesn’t lecture but goes into action!

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