Everyone go to their PCs! The fight against food waste starts there…

Everyone go to their PCs! The fight against food waste starts there…

By observing their own purchasing and wasting behaviour, a consumer is then capable of consciously reducing the quantity of food they waste. AVL, the German waste management company, is convinced that this is true and, based on this idea, has created a practical and stimulating internet portal in collaboration with households in the German district of Ludwigsburg : Respect-Food.eu. Launched on 1st October 2012 as part of the GreenCook project, this portal is accessible to all consumers who want to become more aware of their relationship with food and are looking for useful advice on how to reduce their food waste.

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From analysis…

Do you know how much unconsumed food you throw away year after year? How much money it’s costing you? Where you stand on this compared to other households? What you could change in order to save money? What additional benefits that would have? Respect-Food.eu is the ideal portal to answer all these questions! Via an online diary you can - anonymously! - document what you buy and what you throw away. The system then compares your amounts with those of other households and gives you an idea how much money you could actually save if you were to - as the GreenCook motto says - “shop more consciously and throw away less!”

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The Respect-Food.eu portal also provides lots of relevant and practical information on food, the possible ways to make savings and the events and actions organised in conjunction with the GreenCook project. You can also exchange ideas with other participants and find out about the results of the latest studies on the fight against food waste. As the site is continually updated, you will always find new projects there.

The portal currently exists only in German, but it is well worth a look! So don’t delay and browse www.respect-food.eu, the new portal for greater awareness and more respect for food!

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