A French retail leader commited for food wastage avoidance

A French retail leader commited for food wastage avoidance

For many years now the E.Leclerc centres in Templeuve, Wattrelos and Lille-Fives have been committed to a sustainable development approach closely supported by Greentag, the environmental marketing agency headed by Thomas Pocher. In 2008, they took the significant step of displaying the carbon footprint of products and adding it to till receipts. Even though most customers profess awareness, it must be acknowledged that they have not greatly changed their habits.

A progressive fight anchored in the day-to-day

For all that, Thomas Pocher has no intention of throwing in the towel. More than ever, he wants to inform and convince customers of the positive environmental impact that even the smallest gesture can have. After removing plastic bags from the tills, he set himself the task of training consumers to change their household habits regarding food, living space, energy, mobility and appliances. Greentag has also deployed various actions to raise public awareness through in-store events, GreenCook stands, competitions, leaflets etc.

Make way for the carbon’acteurs

With this educative vision in mind, the E.Leclerc store in Templeuve has decided to launch a training programme aimed at training “carbon’acteurs” called to become ambassadors in the fight against waste and climate change. Over six events and three workshops, all run in collaboration with experts in nutrition, sustainable development and other topics, participants are invited to calculate the carbon footprint of their households and then they learn how to reduce this footprint in all areas of their daily lives. In the workshop on food, for example, the participants learned to create varied and healthy menus based on fresh local produce.

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A colourful launch

Things are also on the move at the E.Leclerc stores in Templeuve and Wattrelos. Last September, scores of employees performed a hip-hop dance routine right in the middle of the store. The aim of this dance? To unite the staff around the same unique project and to simultaneously promote Greentag’s Alliances en Nord programme. This is an organisation that advocates sustainable consumption, close relations and a healthy, lasting partnership between suppliers and distributors.

> Visualize the flashmob at the E.Leclerc store in Templeuve

> Visualize the flashmob at the E.Leclerc store in Wattrelos

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