Consumers’ Schools develop pilot actions to tackle food wastage among underprivileged families

Consumers’ Schools develop pilot actions to tackle food wastage among underprivileged families

On an initiative from the Regional Council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais, with the support from the family allowance fund and the Departments of Nord and Pas-de-Calais, a network of Consumers’ Schools was created more than twenty years ago in answer to municipalities’ desire to increase consumers’ awareness regarding their economic and environmental responsibilities. Today the Region has 90 working groups meeting in 56 schools.

What are the Consumers’ Schools?

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These locally-based bodies are for all adult members of the public and offer a place for communication, exchanges, training and information. Groups of residents meet there every week to discuss and consider challenges of everyday life: household budgeting, food, consumption, health, sustainable development… The topics are chosen by the participants according to their needs and current issues.

Involvement in the GreenCook project

As we know that one third of all the food produced each year in the world ends up in the dustbin without having been eaten, food waste is unarguably a very pressing subject. Within the framework of GreenCook, 25 Consumers’ Schools in Nord-Pas-de-Calais are acting to change consumers’ behaviour and are working together to create specific tools for the fight against food waste.

GreenCook aims

The aims of the GreenCook project bring together two major concerns of the Consumers’ Schools: buying power and food. In conjunction with this project, the Consumers’ Schools therefore aim to:

  • back up existing work on learning tools by coming together to create new tools on the subject of food waste;
  • organise a closing forum in June 2013, which will take the form of an assembly of the Consumers’ Schools along with local and transnational partners involved in the schools.

Sustainable actions

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The themed working groups set out to create learning tools on the subject of waste to help consumers to control quantities, keep food fresh and intelligently re-use leftovers.

Here are 3 examples…

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• The balanced diet flower, which shows the seven food groups, backed up with information on conserving food and including example recipes. This tool was created by the Consumers’ Schools of Tourcoing Belencontre and Dunkerque Pasteur.

• The measuring glass for measuring the various kinds of pasta, cereals and pulses so as to avoid using the wrong quantities and to cook different foods according to how many people they are intended to feed. This tool was created by the Consumers’ School of Orchies.

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• The QUIZ’IN game, which takes in the various places and things in the kitchen and their connections with food. The players have to answer specific questions and the aim of the game is to collect visas by answering correctly in order to obtain their anti-waste passport. This tool was created by the Consumers’ Schools of Bailleul, Armentières, Rexpoëde and Guines.

Want to know more about the Consumers’ Schools supported by the Nord-Pas-de-Calais Region and their involvement in the European GreenCook project? Consult our website !

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