Bruised fruits and vegetables ? Why don´t we simply consume them ??

Bruised fruits and vegetables ? Why don´t we simply consume them ??

A partner in the GreenCook project, Greentag is pursuing the struggle against food waste. In 2012, a new project for the production of smoothies and squeezed juices was initiated. In order to continue this awareness-raising campaign, a giant banquet, prepared exclusively with fruits and vegetables that were supposed to be discarded, was organised. The ‘Banquet of the 5000’ was held last October 13th and brought together over 5000 people !

Fruits too good to just be thrown away

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Within the framework of the GreenCook project, Greentag and the supermarket E. Leclerc of Templeuve are fighting against food waste by proposing delicious smoothies that have been created on the basis of bruised fruits. Damaged fruits that do not meet the visual selection criteria, but which are perfectly consumable, are transformed into squeezed juices and smoothies. Natural drinks prepared exclusively on the basis of healthy fruits, these smoothies delight young and old !

This project, aimed at combating fruit waste in supermarkets, makes it possible to find valuable uses for fruits that would otherwise have been thrown away.

By consuming these tasty smoothies, the consumers themselves become participants in the battle against food waste and support the approach adopted by the E. Leclerc store while profiting 100 % from the benefits of these squeezed juices. A daily intake of vitamins at breakfast or a delicious afternoon break !

Depending on the seasons, different recipes of smoothies and juices created from bruised fruits in the E. Leclerc stores are offered to the customers.

These foods may not be beautiful, but they’re extremely good !

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The statistics show that 20 kg of still-packaged food are discarded per person each year. In order to combat this rigid insistence on putting aside foods that no longer appear beautiful enough to be good, Greentag was present in Paris last October 13th to represent all of the partners of the GreenCook project. This ‘Banquet of the 5000’ was organised within the framework of the ‘Global Waste’ documentary broadcast on October 17th on Canal +. The menu included a giant curry prepared exclusively with vegetables that were supposed to have been thrown away.

This initiative also gave renewed impetus to the project of producing smoothies and squeezed juices. Result ? A huge success ! All of the bruised fruits that had been set aside during a week by the store E. Leclerc in Templeuve were used, transformed into smoothies and savoured by thousands of people. A total of 700 kg of fruits were distributed. Ah, the sweet taste of success !

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