All together against food waste !

All together against food waste !

The consumer is obviously one of the most important players in the battle against food waste! In order to help households to think more clearly about the way they manage their food, Wageningen UR, Circulus and Berkel Milieu have launched the Food Battle project in collaboration with the following supermarkets: Albert Heijn in Lochem and Apeldoorn, C1000 and Coop in Apeldoorn, Jumbo in Brummen and Eerbeek.

The challenge: to reduce the food that is wasted in Dutch households

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The Food Battle project is based on research conducted by the Wageningen UR on the main factors behind food waste in households and on the food preparation, storage and planning habits of consumers. These studies showed that households wasted on average 18 to 40 kilos of foodstuffs per person and per year. And that most of these food wastes didn´t end up in the compost, but were discarded along with the rest of the domestic waste - a habit that’s far from being ecological…

The solution: an unremitting, joint battle

The Food Battle concept brings together 70 participants from 3 Dutch municipalities involved in the fight against waste. The programme includes such things as information and awareness-raising activities in the local supermarkets as well as getting consumers to keep a waste journal so as to accurately measure the daily quantities of various kinds of waste. The participants also responded to questionnaires on their habits with regard to purchasing, preparing and conserving food and the key elements for preventing waste. The results are expected during the course of this December.

The result: from a local project to a national project

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The Food Battle project is an initiative that was launched locally. However, the follow-up provided by Wageningen UR will generate a great deal of practical information that will certainly serve to propel this battle onto the national stage.

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